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Sunday, 22 November 2009

An old lady - Scenic Sunday

This old olive tree belongs once to my Grand-Father and before him to his Grand -Father etc etc...Probably is some hundred years old. And old lady still giving her fruits every year as usual .



  1. The venerable old lady is gorgeous in her wrinkles. Long may she live!
    The stones are beautiful too.

  2. Morning

    I love old trees, if they could only talk what a history they would have to share with us!! How great that it has been with the family for that length of time and still producing fruit, incredible. Thank you, Jackie.

  3. A grand old lady indeed. The old trees of whichever species seem to be hardier than the younger ones. I remember reading somewhere of an olive tree in Greece that was around 1600 years old.
    Melbourne Daily Photo

  4. Great motive!
    But imho a little bit overdone in postprocessing! Looks more like a painting than a photo with the DRI/HDR techniques applied.
    Is it due to global warming? Are there no more cool shadows in Greece? Where have all the shadows gone....? ;-)

  5. Cool looking tree. Great photo.

  6. @ peter molz
    Hi Peter, any constractiv critical word is always welcome, especialy from profesionals ;)
    Indeed is a bit ovelighted, but it was also in the midle of a very sunny Oktober day!Have a nice day. to see all the info in the flickr file.

  7. Venerable and beautiful tree! :)

    I LOVE olives, by the way. ;)

  8. Beautiful tree - if it dies, send it to me and I will make some furniture out of it.

  9. Oh, what a magnificent tree and composition.