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Thursday, 5 November 2009

"Efthimias " school of Mitilinii Samos


1828! founded in Mitilinii Samos [allilodidaktiko] school that according to testimonies functioned regularly. In the Greek School [Mytilinion] in 1843 apart from the common courses is taught also practical knowledge for the culture of vine, wine industry and cultivation of olive trees. From 1888 in order to it is registered somebody in the first class of Greek School [Mytilinion] should have had certificate of studies of complete municipal school. At a decade 1880-1890 they functioned in Mytilinii a municipal school . 1848! Our fellow villager Eythymios Kalymnios, that it had migrated in Yurgevo of Moldavia, it leaves with his will all his money in the Greek Faculty aiming at the construction a modern for the season school. On 19 September 1893, with the beginning of courses became the openings of new school and in order to is honoured the benefactor, the school it was renamed in “[Eythymiada] faculty”. The immediately next years “[Eythymiada]” is enriched with books and supervisory material of various donors and constitutes for her season a model school. [Eythymiada] Faculty functioned as [scholarcheio] up to 1912. Afterwards the union of Samos with Greece it accomodated [imigymnasio] and from 1934 until 1937 the urban school. The years of Italian possession the building had been ordained and used as military hospital of Italian army. Today in a good shape still the primary school of Mitilinii with about 130 pupils.

The information is translated from the school link :


  1. It's been beautifully maintained. After all these years of service it is still a regal building. At least your photograph of it makes it seem so.

  2. And we are building a new high school ($45 Million) because it is wore out and was built in 1970.

  3. What a beautiful night shot!

  4. I like the comment of Bill S., it could be happened here. Great lighting and perfect night shot. It's a funny story that someone made a fortune in Moldavia!

  5. Thank you for your comment on Versailles. You have some absolutely gorgeous photos here, Samos is indeed a place I have to visit one day.