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Monday, 2 November 2009

Mitilinii Village


Three km to the north of Chora, on the road that conncets Pythagoreio-Chora-Mytilinioi-Samos, you’ll find the village of Mytilinioi at the west end of the homonymous valley. The village is surrounded by hills that make it invisible by the sea.
It’s one of the biggest and most vibrant villages of Samos. Its name derives from its first inhabitants who came from the neighbouring island of Mytilene. In the village you’ll also find the Paleontological and Folclore Museum with rare speciments of animal fossils that were found in the area. Excavations for that purpose were initially performed in 1887 and 1888, but many of the findings are in museums out of Samos adorning foreign collections.
Signs of ancient fortification and other remands were found around the village, signs that this area was inhabited since ancient times.
The village, at its height, was the first in tobacco production in Samos generating more the 1280 tons annually.
Three km to the east is the monastery of Holy Trinity (Agia Triada). It’s one of the most recent on the island as it was built in 1924.
The settlements of Kamara with 4 residents, Agia Triada with 4, Potami with 79 and Rizovrachos with 10 residents also belong to the village of Mytilinioi.

Its highest ever-recorded population was recorded in the 1928 census, 5519 residents.

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  1. What a great location for a village.
    I would love to do some archaeology there.

  2. I wish you could see our smiles when we open up your blog and watch your photographs reveal themselves in their full splendor.

  3. It is a beautiful village and the scenery surrounding it is magnificent!

  4. Dear Friends,
    Thank you so much for all these great Comments :)
    Dear brattcat,please see also my other two blogs, with more photos from Samos and Thessaloniki :))

  5. A beautiful village. Thanks for all the info.