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Monday, 16 November 2009

Laudakia stellio - Samos


From Wikipedia,
A stellion (Laudakia stellio), also known as a hardim or star lizard,[1] is a species of agamid lizard found in Greece, Southwest Asia, and Northeast Africa. Like many agamas, stellions can change color to express their moods. They bask on stone walls, rocks and buildings, and also on trees. They are usually found in rocky habitats, and are quite shy, being very ready to dive into cracks to hide from potential predators.

The name "stellion" comes from Latin stellio, stēlio (stelliōn-, stēliōn-), which referred to any spotted lizard, from stella, star.


  1. it takes patience to have this shot. awesome shot. thanks for sharing. :)

  2. Would anyone keep such a lizard as a pet?

  3. Μαγικές εικόνες όπου και να δεις

  4. He's doing a great job of camouflaging himself in that picture!