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Monday, 5 October 2009

Pythagorion town


A view from Pythagorion seen by the castle side.


  1. This is wonderful! I love the windmills dancing on the ridge over that beautiful village.

  2. I am struck by the wind-turbines on the hill.

  3. Wenn I took this photo, my target was this: to show in front our history with the ancient marbles,to show the Today means the village but also the future: the windmills.
    Samos is a windy and very sunny place, we can easaly earn enough energy with solarmirrors and windmillis for our needs without to destroy the enviroment..and keep this beautifull place in good shape for our children :)

  4. Wonderful view, the modern windmills look so natural around the village. Very good choice and composition.

  5. This is a beautiful photograph, showing very well the past and the present. Here we regroup windmills in vast ensembles that we call wind farms. We try to hide those wind farms as much as possible. But then Québec (and Canada as a whole) is huge and sparsely populated, so this is not very difficult to do.

    BTW, you're paying a high price to the jpeg format here (see the banding in the sky). I am convinced that you do not have this banding in your original picture.

    What a beautiful place, well shown, very good angle.

    Roger G.

  6. That is a wonderfully composed shot! You certainly achieved what you set out to do. I love those windmills!

  7. I agree that you achieved your aim. I was going to comment on the contrast between old and new.

    Well thought through photograph. Bravo!