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Saturday, 31 October 2009

Potokaki - Mycale


Seen from potokaki beach samos

Mycale (also Mycǎlé, Mukalê, Mykale and Mycali, Ancient Greek Μυκάλη; called Samsun Daği and Dilek Daği in modern Turkey) is a mountain on the west coast of central Anatolia in Turkey, north of the mouth of the Maeander and divided from the Greek island of Samos by the 1300 meter wide Samos Strait. The mountain forms a ridge, terminating in what was known anciently as the Trogilium promontory (Ancient Greek Τρωγίλιον or Τρωγύλιον).[1] There are several beaches on the north shore ranging from sand to pebbles. The south flank is mainly escarpment.
Classical Greece nearly the entire ridge was a promontory enclosed by the Aegean Sea. Geopolitically it was part of Ionia with Priene placed on the coast on the south flank of the mountain and Miletus on the coast opposite to the south across the deep embayment into which the Maeander River drained. Somewhat further north was Ephesus.


  1. Φωτό που απορρέει Ευωδία!

    Χαίρε και δημιούργει!

  2. This place is such a beauty! Awesome landscape!

    Photo:- The Village Woman

  3. An extraordinary, award-winning photo of the sea, sky and mountain!

  4. That is a stunning and gorgeous shot! Just beautiful!

  5. The light and composition are breathtaking.

  6. Super! Beautiful & calm evening atmosphere!

  7. My late father was stationed at Samsun when he was in the U. S. Air Force. Alas, it was a "remote" tour, so family couldn't go with him. But he often remarked about how beautiful the mountains were. He'd have loved this shot. It also makes me wish that I had gotten a bit east of the Cyclades when I was in Greece many years ago. Time to go back and see what I missed.