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Friday, 15 January 2010

The old well in garden


50 years ago it was very common to see a well in a garden in samian houses.
Now it is almost impossible to find such a place.I was lucky to find this one in the midle of Samos town and share this image with you.


  1. What an excellent image! Does the well still function?

  2. nice image and a well is not something people know about

  3. Morning

    I am surpised that you say it was difficult to find a well. I imagined in Greek towns and villages they would be a fairly common sight. Thank you for finding this one, it is a wonderful photograph.

    My brother in law has a well in his garden in East Sussex, but sadly not the lovely sunshine at the moment!!.

    Have a good weekend, Jackie

  4. A great capture - testimony to days long gone....
    Have a great weekend!
    Gena @ Thinking Aloud
    a photoblog
    South Africa

  5. I'm glad the town kept it — I think it's very charming. It's a good reminder of what life was like in the past and it also looks wonderful as an antique garden decoration.

  6. I dont know if the well still in function, the house looks ampty. In previus years a well was the only way to have fresh watter.Since the state takes care now, the people dont care anymore.

  7. the light and scene of your photo is wonderful.