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Sunday, 7 November 2010

Heraion Samos

The Heraion of Samos was a great sanctuary in the southern region of Samos, 6 km southwest of the ancient city, in a low, marshy river basin near the sea. The Late Archaic Heraion of Samos was the first of the gigantic free-standing Ionic temples, but its predecessors at this site reached back to the Geometric Period of the 8th century BC,[1] or earlier.[2] The site of temple's ruins, with its sole standing column, was designated a joint UNESCO World Heritage Site, along with the nearby Pythagoreion in 1992. Wikipedia.



  1. Those are some big, impressive, stone pieces!

  2. Dear Leif, these are not just big, impressive, stone pieces!
    These are parts of a great culture and civilisation where we all of us West Europeans and Americans coming from ;)
    Best Regards to the States!

  3. What a gorgeous carving in stone. Although I was not in Greece, I did visit Italy recently and marvel at what mankind was able to create in ancient times. Beautiful photo of shapes and patterns, indeed!

  4. I'm so glad it has been designated as a World Heritage Site! It deserves to preserved!

  5. Kalispera from Casa, Morocco!
    Great shot...
    About the history of Samos...huh,
    too much to understand! :) but beautiful!

  6. Great photo of an amazing structure. It is very ancient.

  7. love that closeup..outstanding

  8. Oh questa immagine è meravigliosa !!!!
    Myriam :)