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Friday, 11 June 2010

Traditional house in Vourliotes Vilage


Vourliotes is an inland village, situated at an altitude of 300 meters, some 5 kilometers far from the main public road, leading from Samos to Karlovasi. The village is found at a distance of some 20 kilometers far from the capital town of Samos, at the Northwest. It is one of the older villages of the island and was established in late 16th or early 17th century. It owes its name to the origin of the first settlers who came from the village of Vourla (the ancient city of Klazomenes), in Asia Minor. The village is situated within an area of luxuriant green with a thick wood of pines, numerous vineyards and abundant current water. The village, one of the most beautiful and scenic settlements of the island, has narrow streets and very nice old traditional houses, many of which have been recently restored. One kilometer before the deviation, at the coast, it is situated the settlement of Avlakia, the old port of Vourliotes, which now has become a modern tourist resort. Today, Vourliotes count some 500 permanent residents living on agriculture, mainly the viniculture, and on tourism.

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  1. This is such a pleasing example. Would you show us more of the village, please?

  2. Looks a great place to sit and try some Samos wine

  3. What an amazing old place, just the spot to sample the fruit of the vine.
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  4. A lovely place to enjoy some wine in good company.

  5. Beautiful photos.
    I love details of doors and windows.


  6. Very picturesque place, I guess it's common for people to close the shutters, yes?

  7. Yes, especialy in the warm summer months.